Week 3

This week was a little different from last week in terms of technical difficulty. After updating my original banner my challenge was to create a smaller version of the first banner and manage to integrate a child like/school feeling with a wooden background and a vegetable basket. I literally sat for about 2 days trying to figure out how in the world I was supposed to this. In the article “10 Tips to Improve Your Banner Ad Design and Click-thru Rate” it talks about knowing the message you want to convey and keeping the design simple. I knew I wasn’t able to overcrowd the smaller banner with information so I had to come up with an idea that was super simple yet effective. I decided to  integrate a paper doll outline and blending it into the wooden background. After changing around the composition, I finally got everything exactly where I wanted. Next I had to figure out which format was best to optimize my images in. I read that JPEG is best for images with continuous tone, gradients, and traditional photographs. So since my file consists of a combination of photographs I figured this would work best.   Then came the challenge of creating the html page. Actually everything was fine when it came to writing the Hank, I only had difficulties remembering the correct url. Over all this project was fun and challenging and I’m looking forward to the next project .









Week 2

This week our challenge was to design two cover photos for Wheeler Farms CSA program. I took a look at some awesome designs that were done before for other companies. One of my favorite was a simple textured design for Braid Creative&Consulting. They used a chalkboard style background and font to draw attention to their concept. I decided to play around with texture in my cover design by making my text seem as if it were engraved on wood panels. I got to use some features in the style panel of fireworks. There are so many cool features and font styles to play around with that I couldn’t just choose one. http://electricpulp.com/ features examples of wood texture used creatively.

The beginning of chapter 3 of The Principles of Beautiful Web Design was pretty much review of the elements and principles of design; line, shape, texture, etc.. I am familiar with those from previous fine arts as well as design classes. What i found more interesting about this chapter was the section about CSS. I knew that CSS controls the visual aspects of a website however i never knew that you could create artwork using CSS. The book features a robot made purely from CSS. I really cant imagine how long that took but its pretty impressive. More CSS artwork can be found at http://nicolasgallagher.com/pure-css-gui-icons/demo/  . Overall i really learned a lot this week about fireworks, html, and CSS and i look forward to learning more next week!